Koilebel Homestay


A homestay set against a breathtaking background

Koilebel (pronounced-" Ko- i-le-bel") is a word from the Kalenjin tribe in Kenya meaning Place with a Big Rock. The Koilebel Homestay's current position was a massive rock which was a landmark for centuries. With the usual weather and environmental cycles, the rock was eroded, but the history and the name still carries on. The Homestay is strategically inside the Kerio Valley, which is in the Great Rift Valley.

The Koilebel Homestay boasts panoramic views, possibility of daredevil activities and above all, peace and quiet for those searching. Run by Rose Micah, she is very welcoming to visitors looking for just what she is offering. She takes couples, singles, families groups and many more.

All kinds of activities take place here:
-Team Building
-Yoga Getaways
-Meditation Getaways

Interested? Give us a call, All are welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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